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2019-09-10 来源: 原创 作者:locoy

  石油设备网讯 据普氏触动力资讯2019年7月12日布匹鲁塞尔报道,在与欧盟委员会的交涉不能在3个月的最早限期内处理其对欧盟天然气新规则的担心之后,确立俄罗斯与道德国之间的北边溪- 2天然气管道的北边溪-2公司正考虑其下壹步举触动。





  北边溪- 2特佩顾讯问塞巴斯蒂昂·萨斯说对标注普全球普氏触动力资讯记者体即兴:“我们将评价下壹步采取什么主意,以维养护我们干为投资者的合法权利。”


  李峻 编译己 Platts


  Nord Stream 2 mulls options in dispute over new EU gas rules

  The company building Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas link to Germany is mulling its next steps after talks with the European Commission failed to resolve its concerns about new EU gas rules within a three-month deadline.

  The planned 55 Bcm/year link is facing tariffs regulated by Germany for its section in German territorial waters by February 24, 2020, at the latest, unless it gains a waiver from the EU's amended gas directive.

  The Swiss-registered, Russian-owned Nord Stream 2 company told the EC in April the new directive could breach Energy Charter Treaty rules intended to protect international investors, unless the project is granted a waiver on the same terms as other import pipelines.

  The formal three-month consultation expired Friday without an amicable settlement.

  Nord Stream 2 can now go to the courts or international arbitration to argue its case.

  "We will assess what next steps to take in order to protect our legitimate rights and interests as an investor," Nord Stream 2 special adviser Sebastian Sass told S&P Global Platts.

  There are no further time limits imposed by the ECT, he added.

  The EC and Nord Stream 2 executives met once on June 25 to discuss the issue.

  The EC described this as a "technical meeting," and said it was an ongoing process.

  Nord Stream 2 still wants to resolve the issue through "constructive dialogue" if possible, Sass said.